Cork Liquors located on 46 West in Columbus is proud to serve the cigar connoisseur with an unmatched selection of boutique and premium brands.

Our state of the art walk-in-humidor keeps our cigars at the perfect temperature and humidity level. We have over one hundred types of cigars on hand produced by thirty of the world’s most reputable growers. Cork VI (3995 25th Street) located in Columbus and Cork VIII (1530 S. Harrison St.)  located in Shelbyville also offer a fine selection of cigars for your shopping convenience.

Our Featured Cigars

Store Phone Numbers

The Cork 812-342-9237

Cork II 812-418-8606

Cork III 812-378-5535

Cork IV 812-372-6927

Cork V 812-379-9229

Cork VI 812-376-3366

Cork VII 812-379-2885

Cork VIII 317-398-7587

Cork IX 317-398-7731

Cork X 317-604-5287

Cork XI Coming Soon

Cork XII 812-663-4708

Corporate Office 812-379-9229