Become a Cork VIP!

Top Shelf Club members get first access to special deals, access to allocated and hard to find products, access to special events and new products.

-Each $ spent gives you points excluding lottery and gift card sales.
-Points can be redeemed at any Cork location for non- alcohol products including mixers, chips, pop,glassware, coozies and barware. State law forbids the use of points towards any product containing alcohol.
-Top Shelf card works at all Cork Locations.
-Anyone who has valid ID proving they are over 21 is eligible to be a member.
-Promotional items will have double points.
-Your point total can be checked at any register.

To become a Cork VIP Member…Pick up your card at any Cork location and then register the card using the form below to start receiving benefits.

(You must have a card with valid and
unique 5-digit number to register)

Fill out form below:



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